Pellet Stoves, Furnaces, & Inserts

Gas, Wood, and Pellet Stoves

Harman PC45

Would you like to enjoy the comfort of a fire without installing a full fireplace?

Are your fuel prices too high and you would like to use an alternative fuel that is more environmentally friendly and cost effective?

Consider a Gas, Wood, or Pellet Stove for your great room, lodge, or basement recreation room. We’ll help you assess your options with an in-home estimate.

Fireplace Inserts

Harman Accentra Insert

If your home has an existing masonry fireplace, installing a fireplace insert can instantly transform it into a warm and entertaining centerpiece.

Fireplace Inserts are specially designed to increase heat output, reduce pollutant output, and increase heat efficiency.

They can also change the appearance of your fireplace and bring a new look to your home.

Central Heating

If your oil, propane, or gas prices are too high and wood is readily available, consider a wood burning furnace.  Harman furnaces and boilers are designed in multiple sizes.  We’ll help you choose what’s right for your home.

Trusted Brands, Trusted Service

Manitowoc Heating and Refrigeration is a Harman Authorized Dealer.  We sell, install and service Harman equipment in addition to other brands of stoves and inserts.  Harman Stoves and furnaces are engineered with quality in mind and made in the USA.

We invite you to visit our showroom to discuss the many options you have.  Or call us to schedule a free in-home evaluation and estimate.  Feel free to check out the Harman website at: